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What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is not to be confused with breast lift surgery, however. While a breast lift minimizes drooping, an augmentation improves size and shape. In order to create your specific look, silicone or saline breast implants are surgically placed to create fullness.

Breast augmentation is a fantastic way to influence an hourglass shape in addition to making the breast more symmetrical. This is the ideal solution for redefining the breasts. Should you decide to undergo the procedure, you can rest easy knowing that Dr. Birely is one of the most experienced providers of breast augmentation in Baltimore.

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

If you are dissatisfied with your breast size, a breast augmentation in Baltimore may be right for you. Whether you want larger breast volume or a more defined shape, breast augmentation can deliver. Candidates should be healthy and prepared for cosmetic surgery and have realistic expectations for their image. Breast augmentation can also resolve asymmetrical breasts. Learn more about breast augmentation and see if you are a candidate today by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Brent Birely.

Breast Augmentation Testimonials

“My experience with Dr. Birely And his staff was amazing. My results were exactly what I wanted and the surgery went very well. The office staff was so nice and...

“I am so happy with my results from my breast augmentation. I was so worried at first but Dr. Birely made me feel so comfortable and confident of the decision t...

“My overall experience has been amazing, from consultation to surgery to follow ups etc... Very informative in every sense of the word. Got a See More

“I came to Dr. Birely for a breast augmentation and mini abdominoplasty. My experience from consultation to 3 month follow up has been phenomenal.“

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In most cases, the surest testament to a surgeon’s skill is the visual result. Within our gallery, you’ll find many such testaments, allowing you to further decide if Dr. Birely is the right choice for you.

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What to Expect

The results of our breast augmentation surgery are long-lasting and you will find it easier to wear certain styles of clothing and swimwear. Many women who have had breast augmentation have a boost in self-confidence. Dr. Birely will take careful steps during your procedure to help ensure you achieve your desired results.

These steps may include:

  • Helping you choose the right size implant
  • Making incisions in natural crease lines or more desirable regions
  • Placing the implant in a way to achieve the best results

There are many different expectations when it comes to breast implants and many varying factors that will determine your personal results. No two bodies are alike. As with every breast augmentation candidate, your consultation will provide a more detailed image of your final outcome.

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Benefits of A Breast Enhancement

Larger Breasts

In some cases, a woman’s breasts fail to develop after puberty. This condition is not uncommon. Many women are unhappy with the size of their breasts and feel that having larger breasts would enhance their overall appearance and sensuality.

Breasts that are too small in proportion to the rest of the body limit clothing choices, detract from the symmetry of the silhouette, and affect a woman’s confidence and sense of feminine appeal. This aesthetic problem can be corrected with breast augmentation to enhance the size and shape of the breasts for a more attractive body contour.

Boost in Self-Esteem

Women who are unhappy with body shape typically experience a tremendous boost in self-confidence after a breast augmentation in Baltimore. Full, shapely breasts do more than enhance a woman’s appearance; self-esteem and self-confidence can skyrocket. As reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), researchers in a study published in the society’s official medical journal found that 92% of the women involved reported they experienced improved self-esteem after breast augmentation surgery. It is with that in mind that Dr. Birely assists with, not only a boost in bust size but also a boost in a patient's self-esteem as well.

Breast Symmetry

For some women, one breast develops differently than the other. Many women have one breast larger than the other, with greater or lesser degrees of asymmetry. This can be a concerning issue when the difference in size is noticeable. Breast asymmetry, when it is significant, can be a real problem, and quite likely a source of embarrassment. It can make a woman feel self-conscious in revealing clothing or in intimate situations. Breast augmentation can correct the problem by increasing the size of the smaller breast to create a beautiful, balanced symmetry.

Significant Weight Loss

If you are carrying extra weight, losing the excess is one of the best things you can do for both your health – and your appearance. Unfortunately, when you lose a significant amount of weight, you also lose it in the breasts. In fact, for many women, the breasts are the first area of the body to shrink.

After working hard to reach your ideal weight, it may not seem like a reward to have your “assets” looking droopy and deflated. Dr. Brent Birely performs breast augmentation surgery in Baltimore with precision and skill to restore the fullness and shape of your breasts after a significant weight loss. Each patient he sees he looks at with fresh eyes and a new perspective, this ensures that he treats every patient newly and not like the previous hundreds of patients he has seen.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Becoming a mother is an amazing experience that most mothers wouldn’t trade for the world. It is generally agreed that breastfeeding gives an infant the best possible start for a healthier life. Sadly, many women discover when childbirth and breastfeeding are done, once perky breasts have lost volume and now appear flatter and often droop and sag.

Weight gain during pregnancy and the flow of milk when a mother is nursing stretches the skin and tissues of the breasts. When the milk-producing structures shrink to their pre-pregnancy size, some women are left with breasts that appear stretched out, deflated appearance. Breast augmentation in Baltimore can provide a solution to this cosmetic problem.

Effects of Aging

Like the rest of the body, time can take a heavy toll on the breasts. As we age, the tissues and structures begin to change due to a decline in reproductive hormone levels. Reduction in estrogen levels can cause the skin and connective tissues of the breasts to lose the elasticity and supple quality of youth.

The breasts lose firmness and fullness, and can begin to develop a loose, stretched appearance. Dense breast tissue is replaced with fatty tissue as we grow older. Many older women find that their cup size is not as large as it was in their younger days.

Better Fitting Clothes

Most brands of women’s clothing have been designed to fit a person who wears a C cup bra. A woman who is an A or B cup may have a challenge finding clothes to fit. Having smaller breasts can limit your fashion choices, or rule out lower-cut styles designed to reveal cleavage. Women want breast augmentation for many personal reasons. The study published by ASPS found that 98% of women who have this procedure were very satisfied with their results. Dr. Brent Birely is a board-certified plastic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience in performing breast augmentation in Baltimore, with an uncommon level of artistry and skill to produce some of the most natural looking results.

The Most Important Decision You’ll Make About Breast Enhancement

Breast augmentation is a very popular cosmetic procedure. Whenever there is a strong market for a procedure, many medical professionals decide to offer the service. Medical doctors who do not have extensive training in cosmetic procedures can legally offer many surgical procedures, including breast augmentation.

If you know how to distinguish the true professionals amongst a busy field, you can avoid serious disappointment.

Breast Augmentation You Can Trust

If you’re considering breast surgery, it’s likely that you are in a vulnerable position. You’re touching on a personal issue that is deeply important to you. You don’t want to be “sold”-- you want to know that you’ve found a board-certified plastic surgeon who cares about you and who will not let you down.

Advanced Skills And Experience

Dr. Birely is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with decades of experience. His skill and professional standing are reflected in his affiliations with hospitals in the Baltimore area, including MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center and the Greater Baltimore Medical Center.

Minimizing Breast Surgery Complications

Any surgery involves the possibility of complications, and an accomplished plastic surgeon such as Dr. Birely can reduce risks in several ways.

This starts with fully understanding your current medical condition as well as your aesthetic goals for breast appearance in shape, size, and projection. When the day for your procedure arrives, you can be confident that the highest standards of safety and the most advanced surgical techniques will be employed.

You can have confidence that Dr. Birely will be focused on achieving your individual aesthetic goals. The “complication” of having to undergo revision surgery after a primary surgery was executed imprecisely is not a risk worth taking.

Trust Your Senses

A consultation with Dr. Birely is the most powerful way to discover what he and his staff have to offer. You’ll have an opportunity to view examples of patients with body issues similar to yours, and to speak with some of his patients.

The comfort and confidence you can have when in the presence of a true medical professional are unmistakable. Start your journey to beautiful, firm, plump, and natural-looking breasts confident that you are being treated by a plastic surgeon you can trust.

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How Long is Breast Augmentation Recovery?

Following your breast implant procedure in Baltimore, your new look will be immediately visible. However, you will likely experience soreness and swelling for a few weeks. Exercise and normal activity can resume at the direction of Dr. Birely.

Over time, post-surgical swelling will decrease and incision lines will fade. You will be given specific instructions that may include, how to care for your breasts and promote healing, medications to alleviate any discomfort, and when to follow-up with Dr. Birely.

Sometimes women are also given or instructed to buy specific bras. A comfortable and supportive bra, worn for the first two weeks after an operation, can aid the healing process.

After following recovery instructions, you can begin enjoying your new, more proportioned appearance within four to six weeks.

Types of Implants

There are many different types of breast implants and they all have various features that make some of them more suitable to specific body types. Choosing the right size, shape, and projection is a vital point in a successful, beautiful breast augmentation. A proportionate size and shape will look natural and appealing, enhancing your figure. Dr. Birely will help you select a size and type of implant that meets your vision for your figure.

Saline Breast Implants With A Silicone Shell

Saline breast implants are approved for women 18 years of age or older. They have a medical grade silicone shell, filled with sterile saltwater that will naturally be absorbed into the body should the implant rupture. When a saline implant ruptures, it deflates, quickly changing the shape of the breast. The sterile saltwater has no effect on the body and does not pose any health risk.

Saline Breast Implants With An Internal Structure

The internal structure of the saline implants gives them a more natural feel than regular saline implants. The internal structure consists of a series of layers that control the motion of the saline within the implant.

Silicone Breast Implants With Silicone Gel

Silicone implants have a natural look and feel, and the latest generation is safer than ever. Detecting a rupture can be difficult without regular check-ups, but due to the highly cohesive nature of the silicone gel, it is far more difficult for the gel to leak out of the implant. Regular silicone implants tend to be round and so will look the same regardless of any shifting or rotation of the implant within the breast tissue. Silicone implants are approved for women 22 years of age or older.

Gummy Bear Implants

Gummy bear implants are teardrop shaped silicone implants that more accurately mimic the shape of natural breast tissue. Due to the shape, there is a slight possibility that any shifting of the implant will be noticeable, requiring correction. These implants also tend to contain a thicker or more cohesive gel, for a firmer feel. Gummy bear implants may require a longer incision.

Favorite Implants for Patients?

Favorite Implants for Patients?

Dr. Brent Birely discusses his preferred implants for patients.

Smooth Implants VS Textured Implants

Smooth breast implants are more natural in feel, but they may be prone to rotation within the breast tissue. Rippling along the surface of smooth implants may also occur over time and may be noticeable beneath the skin in very slim patients. With round implants, the rotation should not be an issue as the implants do not change in shape if slightly turned. Textured breast implants are more likely to remain in place as the surface texture allows the surrounding tissue to more easily adhere to them.

It is believed that textured implants may be less prone to capsular contracture. No matter which type of implant you choose it is always a good idea to get them regularly checked by Dr. Birely to ensure that they are intact and so that any complications can be avoided or detected early. If you have problems with your current breast implants, Dr. Birely often performs breast revision surgery to replace ruptured implants, to treat capsular contracture, or other problems.

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Breast Augmentation FAQ

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

How Old Do I Have To Be To Have Breast Surgery?

How Long Will It Take Me To Recover?

When Can I Get Back To My Exercise Routine?

How Do I Know If My Implants Should Be Placed Over Or Under The Muscle?

What About Cup Size?

Will I Be Able To Breastfeed?

What Makes A Good Candidate For Breast Implants?

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

The cost of breast augmentation will vary depending on the individual patient's needs. Other factors may include if any other procedures will be performed during the breast augmentation such as a breast lift or mommy makeover.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Have Breast Surgery?

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that patients be at least 22 years of age to receive breast implants. While it is not “illegal” to have breast augmentation performed at a younger age, you must be at least 22 years of age to receive silicone implants, and a minimum of 18 years of age to receive saline implants.

Dr. Birely discusses the long-term care required with breast implants with each of his patients. Your new implants will require care and monitoring as you progress through your life. They are a life-long commitment that you are making to your body.

How Long Will It Take Me To Recover?

While recovery times vary from patient to patient, the average amount of time you will need to be out of work is one week. For the first two to three days following surgery, you may experience pain, swelling, and bruising, which your surgeon will help you manage with prescription pain medication. Your pain level will largely be determined by the placement of your breast implants. Placement of implants below the muscle is generally more painful and will require a bit more downtime.

Following those initial few days, it is necessary for you to avoid strenuous activity for the remainder of the week. You will need to refrain from lifting, pushing, or pulling heavy objects for a period of two weeks. During the initial few weeks following your surgery, do your best to not raise your breasts to look at your scars. This can cause incisions to reopen and require another surgery to re-close the incisions. Dr. Birely will provide you with a complete list of post-operative care procedures to ensure your recovery goes as smoothly as possible.

When Can I Get Back To My Exercise Routine?

You can resume light exercise with an appropriately supportive bra around four weeks post-surgery. These exercises should be gentle, and you should avoid any exercises specifically targeting the muscles of the chest, as well as any high impact routines.

One of the key concerns regarding exercise following breast augmentation exercises that specifically target the pectoralis major muscle. Since many implants are placed under this muscle, an incision must be made, and the muscle must then be repaired with sutures. This incision needs time to heal and form scar tissue before you can begin to exercise the muscle again. It is imperative that you give this incision a chance to heal before you begin rigorous exercise of any kind.

How Do I Know If My Implants Should Be Placed Over Or Under The Muscle?

Each breast augmentation surgery is as unique as each patient on which we perform it. Deciding whether to have your implants placed over or under the pectoralis major muscle will largely be determined by:

  • Your implant type (saline or silicone)
  • The shape of your implant (round or teardrop)
  • The size of your implant
  • The amount of tissue your body has to cover the implant
  • Your individual body type

There are benefits to each type of placement, whether you and Dr. Bierly decide to place the implant over or under the muscle. Placing the implant under the muscle can provide a more natural shape to the breast. The thickness of your skin is also a factor in considering where to place your implant. Women with thinner skin may have better a better outcome when the implants are placed under the muscle.

Implants that are placed over the muscle will move with the contraction of the muscle itself. This placement can allow for a lift in patients whose breasts have begun to sag or droop. As your breasts begin to age, implants placed over the muscle will naturally move into place with the rest of your body. And recovery is generally quicker and less painful when they are placed over the muscle.

What About Cup Size?

When it comes to size, the difference between cup size and CCs is one of the most confusing factors of a conversation around breast augmentation. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, the same is true of cup size. There is no standard measurement between bra manufacturers, so one manufacturer's D cup could be another manufacturer's DD. For this reason, your board certified plastic surgeon will discuss the size of your implants with you in CCs, not cup size.

The most important part of determining what size is best for you is your overall body type and the characteristics of your frame. The shape of your ribcage, the distance between your natural breasts, and the amount of breast tissue you have to work with will all be determining factors in making the final decision about how large your augmented breasts will be. Dr. Bierly does not buy into a “one-size-fits-all” mentality when it comes to breast augmentation. Your augmentation will be as unique as you are and should be addressed with a great deal of care.

Will I Be Able To Breastfeed?

Although there is research that states women who have breast implants have a bit more difficulty breastfeeding than those without, the odds that you'll be able to nurse your new baby are in your favor. Some of the determining factors are:

  • The location of your incision. If your incisions were made near your armpits or underneath your breasts, the chances are good that your nerves are still intact, and your breasts will be able to produce milk.
  • Nipple sensation. If you have not lost any nipple sensation, this means your nerves are working as they should be and that you will very likely be able to nurse your baby.
  • The location of your implants. If your implants are under the pectoralis major muscle, then the placement of the implant will most likely not interfere with milk production. If your implant is over the muscle, there is a chance that it will put pressure on the glands in your breast which produce milk, therefore interfering with milk production.
  • Your reasons for breast augmentation. If you chose to have breast augmentation to enhance your appearance cosmetically, you are in luck. You will most likely be able to breastfeed your next baby. If you chose to have your breasts augmented because your breast tissue never fully developed, you should discuss your concerns with your board-certified plastic surgeon, so he can give you a full understanding of all your options.

What Makes A Good Candidate For Breast Implants?

We know that the way you perceive your body affects how you feel about yourself. You deserve to have the curves you have always dreamed of – but breast augmentation is better suited to some women than it is to others. What is best for your situation may be best with a breast lift to get the results you desire.

Women who are good candidates for breast augmentation surgery are in good physical, and emotional health and maintain a healthy overall body weight. Your desire to enhance your body’s curves through breast augmentation should be your own, rather than a desire to comply with someone else’s wishes. Ideally, candidates should be non-smokers or willing to stop smoking for a period of time both before and after the surgical procedure. You should have a support system of family and friends who will help you in the days following your surgery and encourage you through your recovery.


Dr. Brent Birely is a board-certified plastic surgeon with offices in Lutherville and Bel Air, serving patients from Baltimore, Towson, Columbia, Westminster, and other Maryland cities. He is a very well regarded leader in cosmetic surgery and patient safety, and specializes in procedures including breast augmentation, tummy tuck, mommy makeover, facelift, and body lifting procedures after weight loss.

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